16 February 2005 opening day - go see opening day. go see!

oh, there are still a zillion things to iron out, but i'm really relieved to have a space of my own up and running again.

so what's there? well, the same sort of genealogy information found in the tn type site you're viewing right now. the site, like this one, centers mainly on families from roane county, tennessee and the surrounding area.

a main difference bewteen that site and this one is that control of the design and content rest with me. though wordpress - a blogging software - limits me somewhat in structuring the site, it permits easy updating and consistency of design for most of the pages. anyone who's put up a website knows what a headache those elements can be for the webkeeper.

once i get a proper gallery area set up, visitors to tn type and kiddo ink will be able to visit (virtually, natch) many, many roane county cemeteries and view copies of some of my source documentation. please bookmark both sites and check them frequently for updates. by the middle of next week, they should both have quite a bit of data you can sink your teeth into.

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