26 January 2005

genevieve majors giles - tombstone photograph

genevieve majors giles, knoxville national cemetery, knoxville, knox co, tn - she shares her gravesite and stone with her husband, charles calvin giles whose name is inscribed on the other side of this tombstone.

21 January 2005

companion opening VERY soon

because i'm still trying to settle a registration dispute caused by my last web host's problematic domain registration habits, i'm still not able to open up kiddo ink. however, ta dah, drum roll, i have a new domain for my companion to this blog and it should be operable soon. i'm just trying to figure out if i'll be able to restore my postings from the bad news is that maybe i never will. the good news is that it was a new site, i'd only made a handful of postings before i discovered bloghosts was going belly up.

new companion site for this blog:

comment spam prevention might open this blog up to commenting soon

the google blog's recent posting on preventing comment spam might have me opening up my postings in this blog to commenting. can't work on it now, though because i'm working on something new. keep your eyes open!

trying to regain control of the kiddo ink domain

home page message at

trying to get my domain out of their clutches is one royal pain. shame on them...

12 January 2005

host woes for tntype at kiddoink

my apologies, but the host to a companion site to this blog - - went belly up. i've been sick and haven't relocated the pages yet. when i get the domain back online, i'll give you notice. meantime, peruse tn type's pages at rootsweb, why don'cha? alternatively, you're welcome to drive yourself nuts clicking the link in the right-hand column to the KiddoInk blog to check to see if it's there yet ;-)

(and speaking of driving folks nuts, whatever possessed me to think that blinking update text was a good idea?)

i promise