26 February 2005

frederick gates and harriman - eerie coincidence

eerie coincidence or finger of fate? you decide.

in a recent post here, i wrote about arson as one of harriman's resident evils. well, today, with my morning coffee i was thumbing through my massive harriman, the town that temperance built by walter t. pulliam. i got to an early section on frederick gates, the entrepeneur who is considered harriman's founder, and i registered for the first time that he was also the founder of the diamond match company.

insert the background music: twilight zone theme.

by the way, this past week has marked the 115th anniversary of harriman's great land sale by the east tennessee land company. [you can read about roane county, temperance, and the east tennessee land company's great land sale in the online tennessee encyclopedia of history & culture | here |.

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