06 February 2005

tennessee clamps down on vital records access

the nashville city paper recently ran an article outlining the way tennessee has tightened the hold on dissemination of its vital records. as of 15 february, 2005, certified copies of the records will be available only to the person/s named on the record, their children, or legal guardians. others applying for copies must present notarized applications along with ample proof of identification.

authorities cited in the City Paper article say that the policy changes, made to bring the volunteer state into compliance with new federal safeguards against identity theft and fraud, mainly effect those applying via the internet for certified copies of birth and death records. well, i reckon that all us genealogists who had vital records ordering on one of our endless to-do lists are gonna find out soon enough exactly what the new parameters are, huh?

read the original nashville city paper article | here |.


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