30 April 2004

cemetery worksheet

Cemetery marker report for


Cemetery Name:

Location: (town or area, county, state)

Other Location Notes:

Grave Section, Row, Number, if known:

Other grave location note:

Marker: present or missing:

Direction marker faces: N__ S__ E__ W__ NE__ NW__ SE__ SW__
Other (describe):

Marker type: Head__ Foot__ Table__ Tomb__ Mausoleum__
Combined__ Family__Other (describe):

Marker Material: Wood__ Stone__ Bronze___ Other (describe):

Marker Condition: Intact__ Chipped__ Cracked__ Crumbled__ Eroded__
Broken__ Tilted__ Sunken__
Insert, decorative element, panel fallen/broken/missing___
Discolored/stained moss/lichen/other:______

Marker Condition notes:

Marker Design: flat-rectangle__ flat-curved__ top-flat__carved sides or top__
other carving or decoration__

Marker Design notes:

Condition of inscription: Mint__ Clear but worn__ Mostly decipherable__
Traces decipherable__ Illegible or destroyed__ Underground__

Inscription (use one line per line on the marker):

Additional notes:


21 April 2004

obessed with the dead

My family thinks I'm not only obsessed but more than a little morbid because I've dragged shortcuts to Tennessee obituary pages from my Internet Explorer address bar to my desktop so I can remember to check them every so often. I like to read even those that don't seem to pertain to me whenever I can - especially if the person who died is anybody 80 years old or so. I'm always hopeful of finding family connections I didn't know I had. Of course, it would have been nice to have known them sooner.

Finding Roane Co, TN obituaries:

Kyker's home page at links to current "in-house" obituaries [free access].

Current Roane Co obits can also be followed online, at Knox News. They print obituaries from many of Knox County's surrounding communites - Roane, yes, but others as well. The direct link to the no-cost access obituaries section is

Their news archives (likely includes obits) goes back to 1990. Reasonable retrieval costs.

The Roane County News also has free current, though brief, obituaries and a decent search engine (especially if you use the "Advanced Search" option to search for documents older than two weeks). Their obits page is

Articles found at Roane County News via the search engine apparently can presently all be accessed for no fee.

Contact information [free access] for Tennessee funerals homes can be found at

Roane County people are frequently mentioned online in obituaries of the following papers, too:

(1) The Oak Ridger, Oak Ridge, Anderson Co, TN [free access] at

Its search engine is great, too. I just accessed a birth announcement - free - from 1999.

(2) Cleveland Daily Banner (Cleveland, TN)

(if the above page link doesn't work, access the obituaries from the Banner's home page)

(3)The Daily Post Athenian in neighboring McMinn County sponsors free access obituary postings at

It has an archives as well.

(4) Neigboring Cumberland Co's Crossivlle Chronicle's obits are at

The paper's obituary archives (from 1996 on) are easily accessed at

If you don't want to do a year by year search, you can use Google's site search by entering into any Google search box the following: roane

NOTE: Above, "roane" is for a county-wide search and can be replaced, of course, with any surname or term. Google's site search is a great timesavers for genealogists.

(5) Monroe Co's Democrat has obits online at

Its obits archive search gave me results back to 1999. What shows up for free is a good chunk of the obit but may not be the whole thing - which you could, of course, purchase.

(6) The Daily Times in Maryville, Blount Co, has funeral notices and obits online at

You can search the archives (up to 100 returns possible) from 1999 on.

[All free access]

(7) News Herald, Loudon Co - [free access] obits online at

Archives search available, too. (Works pretty much the same as #5 above; they are on the same net.)

Go now. Raise the dead.

16 April 2004

opening day

What am I thinking?

1. I need a place to take notes that I can download when I go to the library , so why not?

2. I might actually have an idea of how best to use this format someday. . . .

3. I have missed having my very own little word space on the web.

Roane County [TN] Heritage Commission
World Connect at Rootsweb
Tennessee State Library
Library of Congress Online Catalogs
Roane County News - article search

Transcriptions from Rockwood Public Library files [notes are transcribed from digital photos - instead of photocopies - taken 22 Mar 2004]:


1840 Meigs census
"Union Graves 0101-0001 p229


(p45) BRANDON:

1830 Rhea census
Adam Brandon 0010001-10001 p 357
Lewis Brandon 1010001-010201 p 368
Philip Brandon 00001-10101 p 358

1850 census Meigs
...Hiram Brandon 38 Farmer; Louisa 38, Va; William D, 22, VA, farmer; Granville H., 18, farmer; Silas W., 16, farmer; Looney (f), 12; James P., 10; Martha Ann, 3; Sarah Jane, 2 p 779-522 HB Brandon married Louisa Waide on 1 Sep 1845, McMinn Co

...Thomas Brandon, 58 , NC, brickmason; Elinder, 54, NC; Nancy M., 22; Mary, 20, James 18; Emily 14; Eliza, 11; Columbus, 9; Hudson 7 p 715-21

Marriages: Rhea Co:
...James Brandon to Patience Lawson, 4 Jan 1819; James Blakely Bm (A)

...Malinda Brandon to Hiram Newkirk qv
...Phillip Brandon to Elizabeth Childress, 15 Nov 1828 (Nov 16), Stephen Winton, JP (AR)

Misc, Rhea Co:
Hugh H. Brandon: Bondsman for Hiram Newkirk, 1831


Taxes--Rhea (p295 Broyles)
1819? Capt WS Bradley's Dist:
James Montgomery, 1 WP, 87a

(p 296 Broyles:)
1823 Capt Brown's Co: James Montgomery 1 WP, 1 BP, 87a Ross &Hopkins

1830 census: Rhea

JT Montgomery 10001-00101, p 384
James Montgomery 21120001-00103001, p 382
Samuel Montgomery 00001-02001, p 382

1840 Rhea
Harvey Montgomery 10001-10001
James Montgomery, Sr 002120001-00011[can't read]
James Montgomery, Jr. 121001-21001
Samuel Montgomery 120001-12201

1850 Rhea Census

...James Montgomery, 42, VA, shoe maker; Christinah, 40; Pleasant, 22, farmer; Howard 16; George 14; Martha 13; Mary 11; James 9; Margaret 7; Malinda 5 p 629-610

...Mary C. Montgomery 11 is living with Nichardemus Marlow qv

...Robert C. Montgomery 34, farmer; Sarah 51; Mary 43 p 603-423

1850 Meigs Census:

...William Montgomery, 47, farmer; Susanna, 40; Mary Jane 12; Rebecca, 90, PA p. 803-695


Dorcus Montgomery to William Murphy qv
Elizabeth Montgomery to James Woodward qv
Elizabeth J. Montgomery to N. Marler qv
HM Montgomery to EM Russell, 12 Oct 1849 (14 Oct), JO Collins, JP (R)

Jane Montgomery to Henry Henry qv
Peggy Montgomery to Wm Barnett qv
Samuel Montgomery to Jemima Little, 30 Mar 1826 (same), John Robinson [?], JP, Ralph B Locke, BM
Harvey Montgomery to Nancy Ann Smith, 22 Oct 1834 (24 Oct), John Conley, JP, Harrison Barnet, BM (AR)


James Montgomery; JP 1837-39
" Bondsman for Robert Moore, 1812
Robert C. Montgomery: Bondsman for William L. Murphy, 1845



1900 census:
...Chris D Giles, 36, fisherman; Nancy 26, etc

...James C Giles, 55 w/ Nannie, 27 -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this is James Calvin Giles and his daughter Nannie Mae who married Isaac L. "Ike" Miller/Lockmiller

...Sarah Giles, 55, Geid M, 22, Celoie Ann,15 -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this is Sarah Elizabeth RENFRO Giles/Jiles who married Samuel M. Giles/Jiles, brother of James Calvin "Calvin" Giles above. Geid is Gideon Giles/Jiles and Celoie Ann is Calva Ann Giles/Jiles. Samuel is often found listed as Samuel L. Giles/Jiles. The marriage of Sarah and Samuel Giles/Jiles appears in the marriage notes below as "Samuel M. to Sara Rentrfro [sic] 9-19-1867 9-22-1867 -ro"

...William Giles, 31, Cora 19 --update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this is William Morgan Giles, son of James Calvin "Calvin" Giles above, and his wife Cora Pickens ELLIS Giles

Laura Jiles to George Nelson qv
MJ Giles to James Balis qv
Susie Giles to JA Nelson qv
Laura J Giles to JC Burgess qv

Lydia Jiles to Welk Waller qv -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Lydia is the daughter of Samuel L. Giles/Jiles (above - brother of James Calvin GILES) and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Renfro/Rentfro/Rentfroe (above). Welk Waller is Welcome Beard Waller.

William R Giles to Georgia Ann Thomas, 14 Dec 1886 (16 Dec), Robt Spradling, JP 5-34(337) -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this is William Robert GILES, son of Samuel M. Giles/Jiles and Sarah Elizabeth Renfro (both above). William Robert Giles also married Sarah J. Enochs/Enichs/Enix/etc

(p 104)


Laura L Ellis to SL Trew qv -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Laura's parents were Mary Haggard and Charles David Ellis

Malissa J Ellis to Cornelius Hafley qv
Frank Ellis to Josie Cook, 27 Sep 1879 (28 Sep), Wm Bowlin S, M R M Buch MG 3-265
Jefferson Ellis to Mahal Clementson, 17 Jun 1877 (18 Jul), John Wasson S, S Rowden, JP 4-26
John L. Ellis to Sarah F Benson, 11 Jul 1850, Abner Chamber S

McPHERSON p 224:

1870 Census:

Barton McPherson 24; Mary J, 21; Lou E, 1 7-2-12 (son of Hezekiah & Malinda Rector McPherson -- see 1850 Rhea Co census [note is Broyles]



p18 Giles, Elizabeth and Francis mentioned in Chattin will. Also Clacks and Montgomery. Will dated 1865

printed out but not transcribed: hard copy in files




Charles to Sarah Rodgers 8 -31 -1866 9- 30 -1866 -ge
Crispin D. to Mary Hayes 4 -14- 1838 4-15-1838 -ct
Guilferd to Mary Jane Presley 2-4-1865 -mo

Houston to Susan A. Carter 11-18-1848 11-19-1848 -mc -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this couple migrated to Gentry County, MO and is found there with a William Giles (age 76, b VA ) in their household for the 1870 census. Houston's relationship, if any, to "my" Giles line is unknown. He is found on the 1850 Roane Co, TN census with Susan. Since Houston Giles married Susan Carter in McMinn County in 1848, TN, and a Calvin Giles married an Elender Carter in the same county in 1845, I am inclined to think that perhaps not only that Calvin and Houston GILES might be related but that their wives Susan and Elender CARTER may be as well.

JM to Hetty A Davis 2-9-1847 -mo
JR to Miss Annie Marr 11-11-1881 (no return) -a
Jesse to Lydia Perkins 1-8-1857 -mo
Jessee to Susaner Lankford 9-19-1867 -mo
John to Jane Mills 12-2--1870 -mo
John to Mary J. McNabb 3-24-1847 -mo
Peter to Nancy J. Vann 7-24-1869 [or 1860?] -a
Reubin to Dolley Donahoo 7-16-1864 -mo
Robert to Christiana Shaw 5-29-1841 -mo
SL to Rebecca Hall 7-18-1867 7-18-1867 -a

Samuel M. to Sara Rentrfro [sic] 9-19-1867 9-22-1867 -ro -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): see census information about Sarah above

TJR to Martha (Miss) Sloan 12-11-1870 -mo
Thomas to Lella E. Vinyard 2-15-1868 -mo
Thomas to Sarah Kirkland 12-14-1870 -mo
Tilman to Martha Tate 2-4-1857 -mo
Vaden H. to Sarah Prillamon 9-30-1834 10-9-1834 -r

William to Margaret Hensley 9-14-1835 -ro -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): William Giles and Margaret "Peggy" Hensley are the parents of James Calvin Giles and Samuel L. Giles/Jiles listed in the census information above in these notes.

William to Nancy J. Minton 9-3-1860 9-4-1860 -ro
William to Sarah Duggan 12-20-1843 -mo
Wm. to Elizabeth Gunn 10-27-1848 -mo

GILLES, John to Ann Ginken 9-13-1794 -wa
GILLES, William to Carson 1-__-179__ -wa

GILEZ, Calvin to Elender Carter 6-19-1845 -mc update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): for a possible brother to Calvin and possible sister to Elender, see the marriage of Houston Giles to Susan Carter (above)


James to Elizabeth Rane 10-15-1801 -k
James to Rebecca W. Ward 6-1-1854 -jo

Robert S. Gilliland to Caroline M. Center 7-31-1827 -ro
to Elizabeth Absten [sic] 6-13-1840 6-13-1840 -ro
to Peggy McCabe 4-13-1816 4-13-1816 -ro

William T. To Elizabeth Can 10-19-1844


Alfred to Lettice Mason 2-10-1813 -ro
Carroll to Lucinda Embree 12-13-1838 -ro
HC to Callina Pottier 5-14-1864
Henry to Rachel Potter 11-25-1869 11-23-1869? [in Sistler] -ro
James to Isaphena M. McCrosky 10-6-1850 -mc
James to Sara Cate 8-22-1843 -je
James R. to Jane Lloyd 6-15-1825 -gr
John to Lucinda Lethgo 11-10-1842 -k
John N. to Sarah J. Peters 2-2-1865 2-9-1865 -ro
John S. to Sarah Smith 4-7-1810 -ro
Nathaniel to Jane Leonard 11-17-1824 (11-18-1824) [RO]

Robert G. to Mary McPherson 9-13-1838 (9-13-1838) [RO}-- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): their daughter Mary Haggard's family can be seen | here |

Samuel to Elizabeth Montgomery 12-24-1812 [RO]
William to Jane Oglesby 3-16-1830 [K]

William H.C. to Nancy Deatherage 1-22-1843 (1-22-1843) [RO] -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Willam Henry C. Haggard was the son of Jane Gilliland and Rev. Gray Haggard who were the grandparent of Mary Haggard (wife of Charles David Ellis - see notes above)

Wm. to Parthena Slait 12-5-1851 (no return) [K]
Jr., James to Jinney Drinkard 2-16-1810 [RO]

ELLIS p 110

not yet transcribed - [photo in my files]


3 pages - not yet transcribed - [photo in my files]

GRAVES p 141

not yet transcribed - [photo in my files]




Joseph K. Miller, b TN , age 69 d 1914, fa Robert Miller b TN, mo Nancy Jiles b TN #95

p 9
Miller, Thomas J. age 75). Roane Co fa Robert Miller mo Nancy Giles d. 1916 #248.

p 12

Montgomery, Mary age 79 b. Murray Co GA fa Samuel Brandon (Scotland) mo Mary Grans (Scotland) d. 1916 #458 -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): all indications are the birthplaces listed for the parents of Mary Brandon Montgomery's parents are wrong. Census data consistently indicates that both Samuel Brandon and Mary Graves (not Grans) were born in America. Mack Majors was the informant for his grandmother Mary Brandon Montgomery's death certificate and not her daughter Rachel Montgomery Majors Kurtz, who was still living. My best guess is that Mack simply guessed about the birth information, not knowing that one day that it would have so many of us Brandon, Graves, Montgomery, and Majors descendants really stumped!

p 39

Keylon, Claude age 24 b. TN fa S.B. Keylon (TN) mo not given d. 1923 #257 [accidental gun shot] [preceding parenthetical information from the original]
NOTE to myself: this is not our Claude Keylon who died in 1927. -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Claude Allen Keylon was the daughter of Mary Haggard and Mary's second husband James Harvey Keylon. Claude is buried next to her mother in Winton Chapel Cemetery, Roane Co, TN.

p 42

Montgomery, J.C. age 78 b NC fa Isaiah Montgomery (NC) mo Ellen Pate (NC) d. 1924 #144 -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): this is another mixed up death certificate. Jehu Chastain Montgomery's father was Allen Montgomery and his mother Susannah LARGENT Montgomery. Ellen Pate was Rose Ellen Pate, Jehu's second wife. (Jehu married three times.)

p 48

Patterson, Dicy C. age 57 b. TN fa J.C. Giles (TN) mo Dicy Smith (TN) d. 1925 #391-- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Dicy was Dicy Giles who married Elbert C. Patterson. She was the daughter of James Calvin "Calvin" Giles and Dica Ann "Dicy" Smith.



not transcribed - see photo



p 973

HENSLEY, Benjamin, Sarah (1st h Montgomery) 2nd wife, WC-14949, SC-8360, m 15 Mar 1860 in Roane Cty TN, sd 29 Jul 1876 Loudon Cty TN, wd about 1894, srv Capt George Argenbright's Co TN Mil as a Pvt, lived Roane & McMinn Ctys TN, wid lived Loudon Cty TN 1878 1st wife Polly (Galyon) -- update - annotated note (17 Jun 2005): Benjamin's second wife Sarah may have been Sarah Cooley who had first married J.M. Montgomery. You can view Revolutionary War service records for Benjamin's father Robert Hensley | here |. Benjamin Hensley and his first wife Mary Galyon were the parents of Margaret "Peggy" Hensley, wife of William Giles; mother of James Calvin Giles (above); and grandmother of William Morgan Giles.

...Benjamin, Sr., SC-19449, srv Capt Adam Hanesberger's Co VA Mil
...Robert, Alliticia, WO-39378, srv Capt Williams' Co TN Mil (Seminole War)

Also listings for
James, James C, Jermeiah, Jesse, John, John, Thomas, William or William M.C., Zachariah -- for these see photo -- not transcribed.


p 1420

PHILLIPS, Abraham, Lavicy, WO-27647, srv Capt John Houk's Co TN Mil
...Abraham H., SO-11248, srv Capt Greenleaf Street's Co NY Mil as a Pvt
[note to myself: likely not related -- 2d Abraham (H.)]

p 1244

McPHERSON, Elijah, Sarah, WC-22860, SC-5895, srv Capt William White's Co TN Mil as a Pvt

...George, Nancy, WC-5133, srv Capt White's & Capt Henderson's Co's TN Mil as a Pvt, & as a Capt in Col Bunch's Regt TN Mil

...Isaac, Rosania L., WC 33455, SC-18236, srv Capt McKanny's Co TN Mil as a Pvt



Petition for a Road at Hickory Creek and Clinch River
circa 1807

"To the worshipful Court of Roane County We your Partioners do exhibite a Partition to your Worships Praying a Road to be viewed and laid off fromt he mouth of Hickry Creek on Clinch River the nearest and best way to where It will fall in with Poiles Turn pike Roade on the direction towards Overton County & Kentuckey as It Will be of great use to the Publick & private Individuals We your Partitioners will ever pray &c

Frank Erwin
Daniel Weldin
James Smith
James McClintock
Daniel Durasit
Benjamin Draper
Briant Breadin
John Love
David Dalton
John Gordon
Acquila Nail
Bery Briant
John Yates
Joseph Bird
Landis Sisco
William Daper
John Young
John Morgan
James Sisco
Even Evans
Edward Morrisson
Moses Looney
Gray Haggard
John Kelley
John Brown
Wm. White
James Hope
Sterling Camp
Isham Cox
William Horn (?)
Murray (?) Lents
Joseph Bird
John McCain
Daniel Lents
David Richardson
Isaac Robertson
John Derosette
John Courtney
Will Waller
Abraham W. Hagler
Absalom West
Richard Sweazea
James Goodin
William Campbell
Robert Duncan

For viewers:

Capt. Wm. White
Evan Evins
Francis Erwin
Moses Luny
John Gardner
Briant Breadin
James Hope
Starlin Camp"

Petition undated. Mable Harvey Thornton estimates it was written prior to 1807: "Not dated, this petition probably was written prior to 1807 when David Richardson made a 'death bed' _deed_." [p28]

p 57

Summons to jury duty July 1816, Roane Co:

Henry McPherson, Daniel Mason

Summoned to jury duty Sep 1816:

Daniel McPherson, Gray Haggard

Summoned to jury duty Oct 1816:

Edmond Ellis, Isaac McPherson, Jr.

p 56

Petition for a Road
circa 1815

"To the Worshipfull Cort of Roane County

This petition Respectfully Sheweth where as travelers from Different parts Are under Difficultys for want of A Roade to Cross Clinch River At the ford below the mouth of Emryes River We you humble petitioners think that a good Roade May be had to begin at or Near JOHN STONES to Cross at sd ford and Intersect with the Road from Kingston to the turnpike at or Near Caney Creek Wee therefore beg your Worships to take the [illegible] under consideration and Grant us a Revue of Said Roade If you in your wisdom think proper

Nathaniel Bigham
Josiah Gent
John Horn
Asa Cobb
Adam Carson
James Nelson
Wm. White
L.P. Sims
Thos. Gallahar
T. Deakins
James McElwee
Samuel Mahan
Thos. Coulter
Wm. Campbell
Frances Miller
Jacob S. McComb
William Long
Isaac Brasher
Benjamin Lively
Francis Lee
Jonathan Harvey
Joseph Hankens
Joseph McPherson
Wright Robarts
Jacob Cleamons
Jared Hotchkiss
Isaac Brasshear
Robert S. Brasshear
James Glasgow
Adam Carson
Francis Lee
Jacob McComb
John Stone Sen.

[Mable Harvey Thornton estimates this petition to have been written prior to the 1816 date of Robert S. Brashear's will being proven in court.]


Compiled and Indexed by Robert L. Bailey. 1995.

24 Oct 1811, "Charles WHITE who stands charged by Matilda HEMBREE single woman of this county with being the father of her bastard child came into cout and with Daniel McPHERSON & John WHITE his securities. .on condition the said Charles WHITE save harmless the inhabitants of this county from all costs charges & trouble by Reason of the Birth maintainance & bring up of said bastard child." SOURCE: County Court Minute Book (1808-1812), p 331

Archived Queries
Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma
2001 Queries

"Brown, Hill, Winters

sherry bolin [e-mail link] Sat, 21 Apr 2001

I am looking for information on BROWN siblings who moved from East Tennessee to Pushmataha Co, OK. They are Laura Brown b 6-4-1877 who married Bud HILL, Arwin Brown b 7-16-1891 who married a WINTERS, and Jerry Brown b 8-27-1898. On the social security death index their last residence was in Antlers, Pushmataha Co, OK. They were the children of Calvin A. Brown b Dec 1850 and Tennessee Knox. Other siblings were: James b May 1882, Hettie b 3-27-1884 who married Giden JILES (stayed in Meigs Co, TN), Elbert b Jun 1886, Frank b June 1893, and Mettie b Sept 1895. I would greatly appreciate your help!
Sherry "

Oct - Dec 1999 Queries
Hamilton County Tennessee

MichelleSparks [] Sun Oct 10 19:13:53 1999
Tennessee Elizabeth Knox Brown mother.of:Laura Hill, Hettie Jiles"


Cemeteries of Meigs County, TN

Robert Haggard GILES
4 Oct 1904-26 Jun 1905

Son of W.M. & C.P. Giles

buried in Concord Cemetery, Meigs Co, TN:

"Located approx. 6 miles from Decatur off Hwy. 30 W. turn right opposite Barbara Goodner Tallent's house and go approx. 3 mi."

note to myself about the ranscriptions: stopped at my Img0105.jpg file [poss srcs/gen pix]