16 November 2004

harriman, tn 1892 - panoramic map

harriman, tennessee 1892
(panoramic map at the library of congress - courtesy of the geographic & map division)

this wonderful map drawn and published by the george e. norris burleigh lithographic company can be viewed and downloaded via the mr. sid plugin at the library of congress. the image is copyright free and reproductions in various sizes can be ordered from the library. the library's pricing can be researched online.

a poster-sized copy of the map hangs directly above my computer monitor where it transports me to my hometown every day. the copy is dark and murky, but i have an excellent quality one that i have squirreled away. both were made by a friend who worked for a mapping service a few years back, and the dark one was the first one she printed. because light pours in from a window behind me, i can view the murky print murky well as i write, have it where i want it, and not have to worry about its fading.

on the map, the willam morgan and cora pickens (ellis) giles home at 418 clifty street would have been just off the "y" directly above the river and a little off-center near the bottomo the town. they didn't live there at the time the map was made. they moved there sometime between the 1910 and 1920 censuses. their youngest children, charles calvin and margaret abbey giles were born in the small two-story house at 418. their oldest son, william houston "bill" giles and his wife grace (gambill) giles owned the house at 420 clifty, just to the left of bill's parents as you face the front doors from the street. a low hedge separated the two.

rachel (montgomery) majors kurtz and her second husband edwin h. kurtz also lived on clifty street but about four blocks up. in the 1900 census, the address appears to be 529 Clifty and perhaps is an apartment bldg with five or six families there, but on the microfilm i viewed, the numbers are missing or have been lined through and are mostly illegible.

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