12 November 2004

i wouldn't like to find my relatives here: roane county sheriff's dept. - roane co, tn's most wanted list

sometimes i'm amazed at what following a thread in conjunction with a location will turn up. this morning i somehow wound up at roane county's online most wanted list. there i found myself not only getttin a good look at county sheriff david haggard - with whom i still haven't made a firm family connection though one is likely - but i also got gander of a roane countian with the phillips surname. adam d phillips is on the page with the kind of photos that'd sure spark a little interest in anybody's heritage album.

in case you're wondering, i haven't linked adam phillips directly to our family yet either. maybe if you know where he is, you could drop me a line so i could ask him. well, maybe write sheriff haggard first....

david b haggard for sheriff, 2004

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Review Dawg One said...

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