10 October 2004

1935 harriman, tn city directory ~ selected listings


national recovery act cartoon, w.h. "bill" giles, harriman record, 1933

1935 City Directory of Harriman, Tennessee, Vol 2
Harriman, TN: Rev. HC Coleman Publ. (Introduction/Letter dated 10 Mar 1936. Printed by Holston Printing Co, Knoxville TN. )

Selected extracts/listings:

City Judge W.M. GILES, "City Officials" page

BENNECKER, Mrs. Lumi, Lab, Barton, So Harr, RFD 1

Maxwell Funeral Home, Queen and Trenton Streets (advertisement)

ELLIS, Lucille, 728 Clifty St.

ELLIS, Monroe, Lab, Mrs. Monroe, Hwf, 51 Front St.

FORRESTER, J.E., Lab Paper Mill, Mrs. J.E., Hwf, Edward, Harlan, James, June, Lawrence, Marjorie Sue, Mildred, Pauline, 15 Tennessee St.

GILES, Charles, Lab, Mrs. Charles, Lab Hos. Mill, So Harr, RFD 3

GILES, Henry, Lab, Mrs. Henry, Hwf, Bill Edd, H.M., Henrietta, 507 Morgan St.

GILES, Ray, Lab Paper Mill, Mrs. Ray, Hwf, Cor Devonia and Morgan St.

GILES, W.H., Printer Harr Record, Mrs. W.H. , Lab Woolen Mill, Jimmy, Lina Jean, 420 Clifty St.

GILES, W.M. City Judge, Mrs. W.M., Hwf, Bill Edd, Henrietta, Hobbs, Margaret, 418 Clifty St.

GRAVES, Alta, Lab Hos Mill, Geraldine, Bds 413 Clifty St

MAJORS, Mack, Lab, Mrs. Mack, Lab Hos Mill, Evelyn, Geraldine, Stanley, So Harr, RFD 3

PHILLIPS, W.A., RR Car Inspector, Mrs. W.A., Hwf, So Harr RFD 1

PATTERSON, Newton, TERA, Mrs. Newton, Hwf, JoAnn, 507 Morgan St.

SHANNON, Houk, Lab Hos Mill, Mrs. Houk, Hwf, Jimmie Lon [sic], Joyce, So Harr, RFD 1

WRIGHT, Mrs. Kenneth 420 Clifty St.

WYRICK, J.C., For Woolen Mill, Mrs. J.C., Hwf, Claude, Edna, 425 Clifty St.

1. Mrs. Lumi BENNECKER is Mary Ann Columbia (JONES) BENNECKER, widow of Edward Lustus BENNECKER, murdered in Rockwood in 1921. "Lumi" was her nickname. Her son Barton will marry Margaret Abbey GILES, youngest daughter of William Morgan and Cora Pickens (ELLIS) GILES in 1939. Claude and Edna WYRICK (above) will be witnesses to the eloping couple's marriage.

2. Compare the household of W.M. (William Morgan) GILES with that of Henry GILES. Two of Henry and Vesta (PASS) GILES' children, Bill Edd and Henrietta, are listed in both households.

3. The woolen mill in which Grace (GAMBILL) GILES works may be the Cumberland Woolen Mill, advertised in the directory. This is likely the same mill in which J.C. WYRICK, a Clifty Street neighbor of the GILES', is a foreman (see WYRICK above).

4. Genevieve (MAJORS) and Charles GILES were newlyweds - married 11 May 1935. They may have been living with Genevieve's parents (Mack and Clara (PHILLIPS) MAJORS, who are also listed as living on RFD 3 in South Harriman (see above). Genevieve's mother is listed as working at the hosiery mill, her place of employment for most of her adult life. This may have been the only time in Genevieve's life, however, that she worked outside the home. Her oldest daughter was born the following year. Genevieve, whose full name was Lula Emma Genevieve (MAJORS) GILES delivered five babies. Until this directory listing was uncovered, her surviving daughters and her son had no idea that she had ever held a paying job.

5. Mrs. Houk SHANNON is Beatrice "Bea" (MAJORS) SHANNON, daughter of W.A. (William Abraham "Bud") and Lula
(Mrs. W.A. - Jimmie L. SARRATT) PHILLIPS (see listing above) . Clara MAJORS (above) is Bea's sister and also a daughter of Bud and Lula PHILLIPS. There are four SHANNON families listed in the directory, some of which may be relatives of Bea's husband Houk (Roy Houck SHANNON).

6. Louise (GILES) WRIGHT - Mrs. Kenneth WRIGHT, though listed separately, can be seen to be living with her parents, Bill and Grace (GAMBILL) GILES, when the listing was compiled.

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