14 June 2005

lucy bowling and free ebook with cherokee mounds in east tennessee

project gutenberg's free e-text, the problem of the ohio mounds, by cyrus thomas, originally published in the "Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology for 1883-1884" (Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1894), contains information about some of the burial mounds in east tennessee.

i found the book today because i was answering a letter in which an ellis family researcher was asking me whether or not i had ever heard that lucy bowling (or bowlin) was part cherokee. i began describing the mounds near the old ellis land south of the river, near kingston, tn and thought i'd see if anything was on the internet about them. though i haven't yet discovered anything about the particular mounds i have in mind, i've had an enjoyable read in thomas' book (which, by the way, can be purchased via amazon from private publishers). though the gutenberg plain text version doesn't have the illustrations, i'm just happy to have the free reading ride.

a search of using google site search turned up 307 hits for the search terms "cherokee tennessee," for those who are interested. like me.

(for a photo album of the land of william monroe ellis and lucy bowling, see my rootsweb freepages - photo album: william monroe ellis & lucy bowling land & the
ELLIS family cemetery, south of the river, roane co, tn - | HERE|

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