07 June 2004

smart match

how smart is this? b 1866 d 2002. sure.

one of the genealogy programs i use to supplement my main database, stored in legacy deluxe 5, is family tree legends.

i prefer using legacy deluxe as my main program for a number of reasons. i'll tell you why sometime. and no, i'm not an affiliate. i don't get one lick of reveue from them. maybe someday. it's easy to tout something you use and adore. while i'm not an affiliate, though, you might want to go download yourself a totally free, absolutely free, hotdang free copy of the standard version of their software. from me it's high praise when i tell you i have never had a problem with the legacy product or with the people who run their show.

but i like family tree legends, too. a lot.

having said that...

for some reason, when i'm using it, i seldom feel as if i'm doing real research. one reason is the icons. have you seen them? they remind me soooo much of fisher price little people.

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Review Dawg One said...

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