15 May 2004

now they say i can send photos too

 Hello! Screen Shot, 15 May

Hello, Hello! Do you understand what you've done by offering me photo space? Whose faces I might decide to upload here? Who or what might be peering out at you from this screen any day now? Space? You're giving me space to store the photos for this blog, you say? Well, guess we'll see just how long your freebies are gonna last once I start uploading these folks, missy.

Until you yank the plug, get ready. I'm just real likely to parade some of the very people who were the stuff of night terrors when I was a kid - some of the ones who'd stare out at me through the pitch dark from behind that curved glass in those heavy wall frames up in that tiny bedroom of my grandmother's South Harriman house. And the yellakin stretchers'll get you, ef you don't watch out!

Shh... G'night. I'm turning out the lights now. Don't be scared. They're not really here. Yet.