21 April 2004

obessed with the dead

My family thinks I'm not only obsessed but more than a little morbid because I've dragged shortcuts to Tennessee obituary pages from my Internet Explorer address bar to my desktop so I can remember to check them every so often. I like to read even those that don't seem to pertain to me whenever I can - especially if the person who died is anybody 80 years old or so. I'm always hopeful of finding family connections I didn't know I had. Of course, it would have been nice to have known them sooner.

Finding Roane Co, TN obituaries:

Kyker's home page at links to current "in-house" obituaries [free access].

Current Roane Co obits can also be followed online, at Knox News. They print obituaries from many of Knox County's surrounding communites - Roane, yes, but others as well. The direct link to the no-cost access obituaries section is

Their news archives (likely includes obits) goes back to 1990. Reasonable retrieval costs.

The Roane County News also has free current, though brief, obituaries and a decent search engine (especially if you use the "Advanced Search" option to search for documents older than two weeks). Their obits page is

Articles found at Roane County News via the search engine apparently can presently all be accessed for no fee.

Contact information [free access] for Tennessee funerals homes can be found at

Roane County people are frequently mentioned online in obituaries of the following papers, too:

(1) The Oak Ridger, Oak Ridge, Anderson Co, TN [free access] at

Its search engine is great, too. I just accessed a birth announcement - free - from 1999.

(2) Cleveland Daily Banner (Cleveland, TN)

(if the above page link doesn't work, access the obituaries from the Banner's home page)

(3)The Daily Post Athenian in neighboring McMinn County sponsors free access obituary postings at

It has an archives as well.

(4) Neigboring Cumberland Co's Crossivlle Chronicle's obits are at

The paper's obituary archives (from 1996 on) are easily accessed at

If you don't want to do a year by year search, you can use Google's site search by entering into any Google search box the following: roane

NOTE: Above, "roane" is for a county-wide search and can be replaced, of course, with any surname or term. Google's site search is a great timesavers for genealogists.

(5) Monroe Co's Democrat has obits online at

Its obits archive search gave me results back to 1999. What shows up for free is a good chunk of the obit but may not be the whole thing - which you could, of course, purchase.

(6) The Daily Times in Maryville, Blount Co, has funeral notices and obits online at

You can search the archives (up to 100 returns possible) from 1999 on.

[All free access]

(7) News Herald, Loudon Co - [free access] obits online at

Archives search available, too. (Works pretty much the same as #5 above; they are on the same net.)

Go now. Raise the dead.